CCNP Service Provider Forum Thread and where to post feedback

Hello Fellow IEOC members,


Was wondering whom we should get in touch with in order to ask for a thread under the CCNP section that is based on CCNP Service Provider...since well...INE now has the SP track as well.


And secondly, where do we post feedback about the videos for the course. I've been wondering for some time and thought that by achieving point 1 above, we could easily give constructive feedback.

e.g videos 18 and 19 in Rob Rikers course are infact the same vid. I think he had a human error while uploading or while renaming his vids. COuld he please upload the appropriate video for video 19.


Would appreciate any feedback. Especially on the creation of a  new specific thread for CCNP SP under the CCNP section.

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