Supported "match" and "set" commands in route-maps for PBR and distribute-list

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Does anyone have an overview of which "match" and "set" commands are supported in route-maps for a) PBR and b) distribute-list?

The issue is that you can add any "match" or "set" command to a route-map but it will either be rejected when deployed or simply fail to work.


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  • MartinlMartinl ✭✭✭

    in one of older ciscopress books i saw a short list about PBR supported match commands. I think it was W. Odom book for CCNP (not 100% sure but one of those ciscopress)

    Ususally it's expierience with route-maps that tells u what is and not supported.

  • Hi Johannes,


    I am curious, could you show an eample of a failed command? I am trying to understand if it's a tricky thing or it would become just intuitive with study or experience.


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  • Typically you are going to call an ACL to match the traffic source and type.

    ip access-list standard PBR

    permit source/length

    route-map PBR

    match address PBR

    set next hop x.x.x.x


    Beyond that, there add'l options like verify reachability calling an IP SLA. What is the end result you are looking for?

  • The match track option is also supported in PBR.


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