EIGRP OTP and poison reverse

Hi all,

I need some help with an EIGRP poison reverse issue. I've setup an EIGRP OTP lab config using the INE lab topology. The lab simulates 4 x sites connected to an mpls core. One of those sites acts as EIGRP RR for OTP.

The problem I have is, even though my OTP RR has split-horizon disabled, my spokes are receiving some advertisements from the RR with an infinite metric, so they're never making it into the topology table or RIB. Others are being learnt correctly.

Can anyone explain why?


More info:

Site A: PE is R5, CE is R8, behind R8 is R10

Site B: PE is R3, CE is R7, behind R7 is R9

Site C: PE is R2, CE is R11, behind R11 is R12

Site D: PE is R1, CE is R6, also acting as OTP RR.


Sites A/B/C form a LISP tunnel back to R6, EIGRP neighbours appear, loopbacks for R9/R10/R12 are learnt, however, connected transit LAN and local LAN segments such as and are not being learnt. I have no other routing protocol running on the CE's, no loops that I can see, no SIA routes. 


R7 EIGRP logs indicate:


R7#show ip eigrp events  | inc

422  15:00:23.434 Ignored route, inaccessible: metric(Infinity) 

455  15:00:19.794 NDB delete: 1 

456  15:00:19.794 RDB delete: 

461  15:00:19.734 Send reply: 

464  15:00:19.734 Rcv query dest/nh: 

465  15:00:19.734 Metric set: metric(Infinity) 


The odd thing is, R7 (CE) learns R10's loopback, but not its LAN segment:


R7#show ip route

Routing entry for

  Known via "eigrp 100", distance 90, metric 93999451, type internal

  Redistributing via eigrp 100

  Last update from on LISP0, 23:31:42 ago

  Routing Descriptor Blocks:

  *, from, 23:31:42 ago, via LISP0

      Route metric is 93999451, traffic share count is 1

      Total delay is 5021 microseconds, minimum bandwidth is 56 Kbit

      Reliability 255/255, minimum MTU 1500 bytes

      Loading 1/255, Hops 2

R7#show ip route 

% Subnet not in table


R7#show ip eigrp neighbors 

EIGRP-IPv4 VR(OTP-TEST) Address-Family Neighbors for AS(100)

H   Address                 Interface              Hold Uptime   SRTT   RTO  Q  Seq

                                                   (sec)         (ms)       Cnt Num

1             Gi1.37                   12 23:34:23  813  4878  0  70

0              Gi1.79                   12 1d03h       1   100  0  45


Someone please help!





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