Additional tips needed for taking ccie R&S lab (config section)

Hi guys,

I have been here for quite a few years,I am preparing for ccie R&S lab(just now cleared my written)


I have read many of those success and failure stories of CCIE candidate in internet in the past few years 

and summarized it into few important points required for attacking the config section.

I would like to know additional points and your view on the points i have listed




1)tips and tricks is last

2)practice practice practice like a beast and develop muscle memory

3)use notepad to reduce time during configuration

4)use us layout keyboard when practicing labs.

5)use one vendor material in the journey ( i prefer ine )

6)do those foundation labs and full scale labs many times(atleast 5 if you are not an guy with lot of work experience)

7)take some  mock labs before lab exam.

8)verify everything i.e verify a task before going to next task

9)be less dependent on sh run and use appropriate show commands for verification.

10)create alias forthe frequently used show command in all the boxes to save time.

11)check the ping between devices by having a tickle script in all the boxes.

12)remove all the alias for the show command and tickle script at the end .

13)test the reachability between devices after doing a reboot(do this after all the verification)

14)if you have glitchy terminal or the characters were displaying slowly complain immedieatly to proctor.

15)know to use the doc manually.

16)be confident.

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