QOS- Different between cir and without



When i configure the police under some class, 

what a different if i type the comand for example :

police cir 64 k bc 3200  be 6400 


police  64 k 3200   6400


if there are some different?

Thank you. 


  • Hi,

    From what i can say the difference is mostly conceptual. With term "cir" you specify  a minimum guaranteed bandwidth which is relevant for a particular class of traffic. Without option "cir", value is commented as target rate to your class which is not minimum guaranteed bandwidth under a particular flow or set of flow. It is instead maximum bandwidth that class can sustain. So there shouldn't be any implication in traffic handling from device perspective at least on IOS device which i tested. However by using other policing schemes with oversubscription for example you could deal with pir which becomes target rate allowed for that class.

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