4.9 problem



IGP redistribution, after the solution i see that on R1 and R2 OSPF external routes which are resdistributed from RIP seen as EIGRP external route. isn`t that problem?




  • I'm running on the same problem here. As I see it there are two ways to look at this problem:

    - We can leave the sub-optimal routing in place. Connectivity to those networks are not being affected, there just aking a suboptimal path. Optimal path routing is not a requirement for this section.

    - We can filter the routes from being redistributed back into EIGRP if they were originated by the same EIGRP process.


    Just my two cents.

  • I chose to filter any routes that originated in EIGRP (or behind
    them in RIP) from being sent back to EIGRP.  In most cases, I think
    there's little value in telling a protocol about networks that you
    learned from it in the first place.  Kind of like a manual split
    horizon mechanism. 


    I figure that if I don't allow routes originated behind OSPF to come in from EIGRP, and if I don't allow EIGRP routes to come back from OSPF, then I should be preventing really poor routing from happening.


    On the topic of this initial post, my issue here was that I still needed to make sure that I was changing the distance of external OSPF to >170, as I was not getting proper path information even though I thought the rest of my configuration looked OK.    R1 and R2 both appeared to have some funny things, like this route on R2:

    P, 1 successors, FD is 2560000256, tag is 110
            via Redistributed (2560000256/0)


    which was being sent to OSPF rather than via EIGRP up to the RIP domain.  Making the external OSPF distance 171 "fixed" that.  Before I changed the external ospf distance, I was getting spotty results when trying to make sure BB1 routes and BB3 routes exited the network properly.


    Is that what was being asked?

  • G'day Jeremy,

    Did you mange to fix the problem. I'm experining difficulities pining B1 and B3 router from R1/R3. Although able to ping R6 s0/0 and F0/0 interface. Any idea, why?

  • I have solved the ping problem between R1/R5 to BB1 and BB3. It was due to R6 RIP version. R6 was running on version 1. After chaning the RIP version to 2 ping between routers are successful.

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