Possible Correction in Keith Bogart's TCP Segment Creation Overview

Searched and didn't see this discussed, but hopefully it can be corrected somehow.  


In Keith Bogart's course on Understanding TCP - TCP Segment Creation Overview, there is a discrepency related to how he explains MSS is used.  The explanation is both the sender and receiver will use the lower of the 2 MSS values during the initial handshake.  I believe this is incorrect from my experience and the explanation in the RFC:


3.  The TCP Maximum Segment Size Option

TCP provides an option that may be used at the time a connection is
established (only) to indicate the maximum size TCP segment that can
be accepted on that connection. This Maximum Segment Size (MSS)
announcement (often mistakenly called a negotiation) is sent from the
data receiver to the data sender and says "I can accept TCP segments
up to size X". The size (X) may be larger or smaller than the
default. The MSS can be used completely independently in each
direction of data flow. The result may be quite different maximum sizes
in the two directions. 

I am really happy this course exists on INE.  I have learned new things and it has been good review for a lot as well.  
Just wanted to make sure all the info is correct for future students.
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