Switches choice for CCIE - 99% sure I know the answer...


I'm currently preparing for CCNA RS but end game is to become CCIE. It's something I need to have for couple reasons. 

To deploy some working home lab I used Dell R710 wiht 2xX5675 hex core CPUs and 144 GB RAM. In conjunction with Xenserver device allowes me to run 20 x CSR 1000v and couple other small Linux images without smallest issue.

I'm looking now to get some switches. I found couple Cata 2960 which I managed to get for free but it looks like these switches can run only LanLite IOS and even thought I'm studying for CCNA now, I already feel lack of some functionality or things that function different than described in CCNA book by Wendell Odom. I looked into the CCIE RS v5 rack on INE website and it says that 4/5 x Cata 3750E running Catalyst IOS 15.0SE are required. I found some on ebay. Could you please advise if below switches can be used in my home lab while studying all the way up to CCIE? I would like to know if I will be able to cover all labs with these switches. Please see link to ebay below:


If you don't want to click on link please mind device is: Catalyst 3750E-24TD-S 24 Ethernet Port Switch (WS-C3750E-24TD-S). I already looked up on Cisco website and there is IOS version 15.x available.

Thanks in advance



  • Hi,

    I've found that I can pretty much do everything except for a couple of the smallest featues on 3750V2 and/or 3560 switches which can be found for less than 100 USD.


    Just be careful if purchasing 3560's because some only have 16 MB of flash and there is not enough room for the 15.0 Catalyst images.


    If you make sure the flash has at least 32MB then you're good to go for the 15.0 software and that will cover 99% of the features tested in CCIE R&S v5.



  • If you're still looking for switches I have 4 3560-24TS switches already loaded with IOS 15 and I have the Foundation and Full Scale lab configs saved in flash still. I'd sell them for $75 each plus shipping.

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