Best book to recertify R&S?

Hi all! I'm a bit overdue to recertify my CCIE certification, and I'd like to buy a book to read intensely before attempting the exam. I'd prefer to buy the fewest books possible, ideally just one. Any recommendations for the best book out there towards the R&S written?


  • Hi Peety,

    You have provided great feedback with our questions and the posts in this forum. I thought to take this opportunity to return some of your favor by providing my experience with written.

    Based on my experience which I passed written just recently, It is not focusing on Core Technologies any more. There are a lot of thrivial questions that some time it happened to me that more than one answer was correct for that non-core layer two technolgoes. I had read official Cert guides twice, Lan Switching, BGP books and a few others but since written is  a lot more emphazied on thrivial non-core technogolies, It took more time than I expected for passing with more than one attempt.

    If you have not forgotten your Core technologies, you can perhaps find a book which I dont know if there is any exists to cover thrivial questions.

    You probably know that per Cisco written exam policy, you can reschedule it again after two weeks and not earlier than that.

    I just thought to share my experience


    Good luck on your study




  • peetypeety ✭✭✭

    I'm not trying to learn the material...I'm just looking to recertify. I'm looking for one book that'll do the best job of helping me ensure that I'm ready for the fresh material and presentation. I don't need the book to cover everything, just enough to help me pass. ;)

  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    Hi Peety,

    I don't think there is a single book.  It is probably just a quicker review of the same books needed.  I am in the same boat as you now, except that this time around, it is a lot more fun reviewing and refreshing already learned material.

    I have doubts about how to study for the new category that has been added to the written exam - Evolving Technologies.  Recently, Nick Russo passed his CDDE, and he published his notes for this category.   Every bit helps, right?

    You are one of the old-timers on this list who I have always admired. You are detailed in your explanations, and I definitely am interested in studying with you for the refresher.   I may also be interested in doing a refresher bootcamp.  Let's chat.

  • Can you share what you did to receritfy? I don't want to wait. I just passed last June, but I'm paranoid!!! Haha. Don't want to ever lose it now.

    Ken Hagen
    CCIE #56460

  • Not book but Cisco document pages for product and technologies

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