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    Hello Muhamed,

    Keyword breakdown is Finite (vs Infinite) and State.  I would consider this known states....

    Here is an excerpt form the TCP/IP Guide:


    One way that computer scientists
    explain how a complex protocol works
    is through a theoretical tool called
    a finite state machine (FSM). An FSM attempts to describe a protocol
    or algorithm by considering it like a virtual “machine” that
    progresses through a series of stages of operation in response
    to various
    happenings. You need to understand four essential concepts to comprehend
    the workings of a finite state machine....

    ....A FSM describes the protocol by explaining
    all the different states the protocol can be in, the events that can
    occur in each state, what actions are taken in response to the events
    and what transitions happen as a result.The protocol usually starts
    in a particular beginning state
    when it is first run. It then
    follows a sequence of steps to get it into a regular operating state,
    and moves to other states in response to particular types of input or
    other circumstances.


  • thank you my friend


    but i can`t understanding this point from your link

    if you can to explaining this point little easier i will thank you

  • It's a machine (system, entity, thingy, something) that can be in various states, and that list of states is very defined. By nature of the design of the machine, it can only exist in one of the predefined states, never in more than one at the same time, and never NOT in one of the defined states.

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