Qs about Anyconnect


first of all, I want to creat a new profile on Anyconnect NAM Profile editor and while saving the following error appears and doesn't let me to save the profile:



I searched the Internet and found some same issues with recommendations to recreate the pre-shared keys. but I didn't create any pre-shared keys or even didn't write any credentials while creating the profile with NAM Profile editor. 

besides, I have some questions regarding the Anyconnect. 

1. I know that the Profile Editor gives extensive control to us while creating the profiles than the Anyconnect NAM module. so do we need to use the profile editor on every user computer and have them to create a profile? I think there should be a way to create a profile and deploy it automatically on client machines. am I right?

2. I've imported a root CA certificate to my PC through web browser HTTPS/TLS Certificate section. but It does not appera on my Windows Certificate console under Trusted Root Certificates. are they different? I think I need to import Root CA again to the Windows Certificate Store through either of the Anyconnect Profile Editor or Windows MMC console. I appreciate any response. 


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