ping from SVI is not working over OTV



We have 2 NEXUS 7k setup in each DC and OTV is working fine and stable for a lot of VLANs we have extended. Few days ago we have decided to test IP reachability inside one VLAN for PoC. We have a FW interface in VLAN 23 on remote side and SVI on N7K on primary one. SVI on N7K is done on separate VDC and not where OTV resides in, but physically it is the same switch of course. 

Although VLAN23 is extended through OTV and we could see ARP records and MAC from each L3 device through that Overlay interface on both sides, for some reason we could not ping from SVI on N7K in extended VLAN to remote FW interface. If we do a capture on FW interface it shows that no 'echo' traffic is reachning remote side.

Did anyone ran into same issue? Could it be that Cisco forbids N7K own SVI traffic to flow over OVERLAY?



  • leminhleminh ✭✭

    There is no restriction from Cisco to forbid N7K SVI over OTV. In this case, we can use different tools such as ELAM, PACL to debug further. However, they are quite complex, you can open TAC case to troubleshoot.

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