CCIE R&Sv5 Full Scale Rack Rental - Rack 99 Breaks every time



Has anyone else had any bad experiences with Rack 99?

The reaosn i ask is the last 3 times i have been assigned it over the last 4 weekends i get locked out of any routers i had previously logged into mid lab. I also am unable to save any of the configuration I have on that router. This issue only seemes to happen when i am assigned to rack 99 not any of the others. 


The first time it was in the very begnning of the lab and i was moved to a new rack with little loss. The 2nd time i was in the verification steps of a Mock lab config section and lost ~5 horus of config. Becasue i had access to the rack for the majority of my session  I was credited back 1 hour of rack time  desptie having lost ~5 hours of work. N


ow it has happened again and I am ~2.5 hours into another config section and i am locked out of any device in the topology i have have previously logged into. Not sure whats going to happen as i am wriitng this as i am waiting for a response to my support ticket. 


I normally dont like to complain or rant in such a fasion however time is not a renewable resource and this problem has cost me hours. Also i have a lab date comming  up later this month whcih makes the limited  time i have avilable to lab even more valueable.  


  • Hello John,

       I am sorry to hear that you had an issue with the rack and were not able to get the issue resolved through the customer support staff.  

    Send me an email from the account you use on the site and I will make sure you get back all of those tokens.  If you could also provide any more details on the issues you had I would appreciate it. In the mean time I have taken that rack off-line so that it can not be rented until I verify and fix the problem.

    I apologize for the time you lost. I know that is the more frustrating issue versus some lost tokens. 



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