Hi all,

This is actually a real world question. I have a requirment to connect mulitple sites through a VPLS network. I was told by the ISP they would give me a connection to an access port at each site to connect to the VPLS.

My question is what is the best equipment to use for this. The company wants to use ASA 5525s at each site while my site will have a ASR1002-X in front of an ASA5555.

To try and lab this up, all they want to use is a couple of ASA 5510s connected to a 3750 configured with a VLAN and an SVI with no IP. They insist that no layer 3 is involved.

Now, I know this will not work as they want it labbed up, but I am not sure how to mimick the VPLS network in a simple way. I do not have any 7600 or 6500 routers to use.

Any thoughts?


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