What are key TCP topics we should know for CCIE?

I recently started studying and I figured I'd start with TCP. I have a pretty good general understanding of how it works but since the CCIE blueprint doesn't really outline what we should know I figure this is the best place to ask.


  • -What is statefulness?

    -How do congestion avoidance mechanisms work?

    -How is the MSS negotiated?

    -How does TCP sliding window work?

    -Explain differences between TCP and UDP


    Also you should be able to look at a packet capture and walk through the steps in a TCP conversation in both working and non-working scenarios.


    I wouldn't look at understanding TCP as a list of items to cover for the CCIE...all of the above items are simply things that you should know to be a decent network engineer. The CCIE assumes you are a decent network engineer to begin with and thus, when you are studying something like QoS or WRED (which are on the blueprint) you should understand how they optimize TCP/UDP behavior.



  • Any particular resource you would advice to review these topics?

    Many thanks to each contribution.



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