I want to buy a SSD in order to download Firepower onto it and use it with ASA. Cisco has its own SSD that is way too expensive for me to afford it. so I want to know If an alternate to the Cisco offer exists. for example, what about this SSD from Samsung:


Samsung 120GB 750 EVO SATA 3.0  


I need a confirmation if you had any experiences before. I've waited so long to get answers from a guy at Cisco office here in our city, but got no answer yet. tnx. 


  • Hi,

       You can buy the refurbished SSD, which is way cheaper, but has a different PN, like this would be the PN for an SSD for ASA 5515: ASA5515-SSD120-K9-RF 

       I"ve personally tried to put in there long time ago a non-Cisco SSD (not that specific Samsung model) and it was not recognized, as expected, because Cisco wants you to buy their SSD. This doesn't mean that the model you're looking for will not work, but the only way to confirm that is by running a test. And it makes sense that probably you're never gonna get an answer from Cisco, because their documentations says to use Cisco SSD's, so probably nobody knows within Cisco if other SSD's will work or not and which ones.




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