Can somebody help me find this IOS Image file for a 2811 Router: c2800nm-adventerprisek9-mz.153-3.XB12.bin

It is not available from the Cisco website, but I know that it is out there.

Can somebody help?




  • Thank you for your reply.

    But actually, it was never available!

    I know that because I work with 2800's and I've been checking the Cisco website almost every day for the last 5 Years and I have never seen IOS version 15.3.3

    Frankly I have no idea where IOS 15.3.3. came from, but I know it is out there.

    The Cisco website only has version 15.1.4M  There is simply nothing beyond 15.1.

    But recently I bought an 1841 Router that came with IOS 15.3.3 loaded on it!

    That was a BIG surprise for me, because the Cisco website also has IOS 15.1 for 1841's.

    So I started looking for IOS 153-3.XB12.bin and I found multiple references to it in the IEOC Blog.

    That's why I posted a message.

    In a Blog Post Brian McGahan wrote the following about this IOS:

    I haven’t used the 15.3 release extensively, but it seems to work. I would run the 15.3 and then if you have problems fallback to 15.1T.

    Just in case, this is the Link to this Post:  http://blog.ine.com/2014/05/13/ines-ccie-rs-v5-hardware-topology/

    In any case, the point is that it is out there, so I'm hoping somebody can help me find it.

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    If It is not available from the Cisco website, there must be a reason for it?  maybe image replaced by next version ?

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  • I did some more research about this IOS version and I found out that this image file was created ONLY for Training purposes; not for commercial use.

    That's why it was never available for download from the Cisco site.

    So I guess that only large training facilities (like INE) have access this image file!

    Therefore, I'm still hoping that somebody can help me find it.


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