Adv. tech Lab:MQC LLQ and remaining bandwidth

R8#$46.1/csr1000v-mono-universalk9.03.11.01.S.154-1.S1-std.SPA.pkg null:     

Accessing http://*:*@

%Error opening http://*:*@ (I/O error)


Has anyone come across this error when performing the above step? As if it seems the file doesn't exist on R1?any ideas?

any idea how to fix it?

also, as part of the same lab as class-map SCAVENGER is configured as follows:

shouldn't it be rather:
class-map SCAVENGER
 match ip precedence 0
as we want basically any packets to be matched with IP preec 0 under this class?



  • Do dir on R1 and make sure that the file exist. Could be that they updated versions. 

    As far as your other question...


    Match all is the default behaviour for class-maps. If you omit it, it will insert that by default. In this case a match-all versus a match-any does not matter because there is only one there is only a single statement to match packets againts. Where the match-all vs. match-any would matter would be if it had multiple statements such as precedence 0 and http traffic. 

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