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Can this IP address, exist on this subnet Thank you. 


  • A /22 will give you the following bit pattern in the 3rd octect: 1111 1100. This translates to 128+64+32+16+8+4 which gives 252. So the mask is You then subtract 252 from 256. This gives you the subnet id increment of 4 (the cisco book call this the magic number).

    100 can be divided by 4 without remainder so you know is a valid subnet id given the subnet mask. You know the increment is 4.

    Can you complete?




  • Can this IP address, exist on this subnet Thank you. 

    Hello, will not belong to

    EDIT: My original wording was bad. Sorry for the confusing way of describing things originally. There are 1024 addresses in The last address in that subnet will be the broadcast address Since the value in your 3rd octet is 104 and that's bigger than the 3rd octect for the last address in this network, you know that it can not belong to

  • The network is

    First Host Address is

    Number of Hosts: 1022 (2 to the 10th - 2) = 1022

    Last Possible Host is

    Broadcast Address  is


    Answer still is that would not fall within that network


  • Thank you.

  • You can think of a /22 as 4x /24’s— hence that prefix would cover the following range: -

    I have found http://subnettingpractice.com/ to be useful for testing my subnetting theory with practical challenges, give it a shot :)

    - Michael

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    Can this IP address, exist on this
    subnet Thank

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    Lots of vidoes on u-tube that do show subnetting (learn how to) and practice site for subnetting (with question and answers)

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