R&S Lab Study Partner

Hi All,

I'm looking for a study partner to work on R&S labs (INE material of course). Im based in UK, so if anyone is interested please give me a shout.



  • Hello Mason,


    I was looking for study partner , and would like to join if you dont mind.


    I am based in Jordan GMT +3


    i started 3 years ago with one failed attempt, the written has been expired, so that i am going to have the exam within next two weeks.


    Best REgards


  • Hey Ibraheemo,

    Sounds good - let me know once you have completed your written test and we can start to make a plan for the lab topics. I will be free in a few weeks time to begin committing more time to this.



  • Hello Andrew,


    sure i will get back to you once i finished the written, i am verry excited .




  • Hi Guys,


    I would like to join your study group

    I passed my CCIE Written 2 years ago and it is expired now

    I am planning to take it next month and then the lab by end of the year.




  • OK, let me know some initial contact details through PM and i will send a mail over.



  • Hello Andrew i PM you my E-mail address



  • Hi Andrew


    I am interested but am curious as to how these things work.  Do you have an idea of how you would like to work together?  What does your timetable look like?


    I am also in the UK, passed the Written in July but have lost my way somewhat.  I'm currently going over the core topics again and hope to be bashing the Foundation Labs out around the New Year.  I then plan to revisit the advanced topics again.  I'll send you my email address in a PM.





  • Hi Mason,


    Im also looking for a study partner.

    I passed my written early this year.

    I am looking at taking a shot at the lab first quarter next year.

    I am based in Nigeria GMT+1.


    [email protected]

  • Hi all,


    Apologies for the late reply but if any of you are in London and would like a study partner, please let me know.


    I've been studying since April 14 and have sat the written exam once, and failed. I'm sitting it again in late Nov and hope to sit the lab before Easter next year.




  • Hi Andrew and all,

    I am not sure if you guys created a team or something but I am also looking for a study partner/group to help others and get help.

    I passed RS written in July and since last month I started my journey for the LAB preparation :-)

    I am based in Norway (GMT+2).

    @Andrew: I am sending you my contact details in PM.

  • Hello,


    It is my first time in the forum. For the moment I didn't take any exam, but I am preparing CCIE.


    I would like to join your group if possible. For the moment I don't have a concrete date to take my exam, but I am very keen on passing it.


    I am form Spain and have been working in the field since 2001, so I have strong knowledge in several topics, and trying to get it in the rest.


    Thank you very much and best regards!

  • I also need a study partner but I'm located in California. I've been studying for a while and have taken the lab 2 times already. Anyone interested?

  • Hello. I am looking to join a study group.  Are you guys still looking for partners?  I am located in South Florida, passed my written, and have been labing since August 2016. Currently going thru INE Workbook and Troubleshooting Labs.  Figured it would be nice to work thru these labs with a group.

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