CCIE DCv2 Exam Experience

Hi everyone,

I want to share my DCv2 Lab exam experience, and of course in regards with the NDA.

The Exam were divided into two categories which were:

1- Diag (60 Minutes)

 in my oppinion diag section was like taking the tshoot exam for the CCNP R&S Exam, where they will give you the related information (email conversation, show command, diagram(s), etc...) regarding the customer problem on the particular technology, and we were gonna have to answer several questions they asked. Note I can open up the DocCD in this Section, but some of the content of the DocCD were blocked.

2- Config(+tshoot)

The next section after the diag was the Config section, my comment on this stuff, is that we have to be ready on all topics that were listed on the Lab Blueprint,

unfortunatelly during the exam, the config content in the DocCD were not very good, where the config example were written in the linier fashion, so that we have to paste the config example and then we have to fix the line, by using the enter, that was really time consume at the time of the exam :(.

but at the time of the writting now, it looks that they have already fixed this.....

I have to admit that I had no fully prepared on the exam :(

I'm eager to wait the INE Material for the CCIE DCv2, so I'm gonna tackle the DC Lab exam in the future.


I hope it has been informative for you guys ;)

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