How to connect CSR1000v with SW1 and SW2

Hello All,

I've complete the networking topology based on "INE RSv5 Virtual Routers & Physical switchs topology"



TOPO1:R1---SW1---R2, it's all be okay !!!

R1 configuration

interface GigabitEthernet1.12

 encapsulation dot1Q 12

 ip address

R2 configuration

interface GigabitEthernet1.12

 encapsulation dot1Q 12

 ip address


The question is how to configure a basic topo:R1---SW1---SW2---R2

Appreciate for your kindly response and answers.




  • Hi,

    If you would like to have some of the routers connect to another switch, you would just create separate vSwitches in your ESXi server and point the vSwitches to different physical NICs on the server and then connect the physical NICs to the various physical switches.


    So for example, you connect all the odd number routers to vSwitch1/physical NIC1 on the server and all the even number routers to vSwitch2/physical NIC2 on the server, then you would just connect physical NIC1 to physical switch 1 and physical NIC2 to physical switch 2 and that would force the even number router's traffic to pass through the physical switches to reach the odd number routers.


    I don't think this is a requirement though for any of the INE workbook exercises that I have seen.  Brian just keeps all the routers on a single vSwitch connected to the outside physical switches through the one physical NIC which is a trunk with all vlans.



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