TTL Security Error

In our environment there is a MPLS router which are connected to multiple switches. I am trying to communicate which is one of the interface on Router and other interface on the router is 

When I am trying to ping I am getting "ttl expired in transit" error and even I tried to use ping -i by varying the hop count. From ping -i I have got strange outputs for even number hop count I am able to ping and for odd hop count "ttl expired in transit". I even executed by using traceroute and didnt find any routing loops.

Can anyone help me in troubleshooting the issiue.




  • Hello Raja, This may be a question for the CCNP Routing group or the CCIE group. At the CCNA we don't need to know how to troubleshoot or even widely configure MPLS, just the basics of how it works. I hope this helps because I dont know if anyone in this section would be able to answer this for you.

    I can take a stab at it but I am sure you thought of this already. one of the hops that your are sending through has ICMP blocked. Thats what I would think. I would try to perform a Trace Route to the destination and see if it drops at he same router every time.

    I hope this helps.

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