UCCXE Out of Service Message for UCCX Engine>Subsytem> CM Telephony Subystem

Initial symptom: Event though the UCCXE system was properly configured, and services had been restarted, the UCCXE was not properly communicating with Call Manager and the CTI Route Point and CTI Ports were not showing as registered in Call Manager. After examination of the logs, an error indicating an issue from the UCCXE MVR SS logs indicating indicating a general non-password specific issue.

Here is my fix for this issue. I changed the "jtapi" to user to just "jtapi" on the CCM application user name list. Then I re-input the ussername and password for the "jtapi" user in both the UCM appliance as well as the UCCXE to ensure the passwords matched.  In addition, after all UCCXE services were started, I then restarted the UCCXE server. Once the appliance was back on line, I input my Call Control Group and Target. Then, for good measure, I restarted UCCXE's Unified CCX Engine under serviceability from the UCCX CCX Serviceability>Control Network Services . Once that service was restarted, I verified that that under the CCX Engine service>Subsystem Manager>Unified CM Telephony Subsystem was started. Finally, I verified in Call Manager that the CTI Ports and CTI Route Points created for UCCXE were registered with Call Manager.

UCCXE 9.0 has a known bug. Cisco TAC recognizes this issue, however, it was must be dealt with for the current lab.

A nice link on this follows: http://ciscoshizzle.blogspot.com/2013/04/uccx-configuration-basic-set-up-and.html

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