INE Lab Nested in ESXI 5.1 (VMW 12)

I am in the process of setting up the INE lab with CSR1000v's and have come across a bit of a problem with the networking. I have nested ESXI 5.1 (only version I have a license for) into VM Workstation 12 it all works fine and can connect via vsphere, I have added the CSR routers and they are up and running but I can't connect to them when I try and telnet. Within ESXI i have allowed the vswitch in promiscuous mode. I am not sure if I have to configure the networking side in workstation 12 or ESXI. Eitherway I can't get access from my PC. Any help would be appreciated.




  • I haven't tried that type of deployment personally. Although, you will probably have to bridge the NIC on the server to the VM nets in workstation to get that working. then map the NIC on the CSR to the VMnet. It's a bit of a setup but pretty easy for the most part. You are just adding a layer to the setup most of us use. Pretty simple really. 

    First you have to go to the Virtual network editor, then map the physical NIC to be bridged to workstation. Any VMs with that NIC associated will be reachable like a regular PC. Then you'll have to map the vNIC on the CSR to that VM network. You should be able to connect to it then. 

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