connect L2 and L3 IOSV Instances to a laptop on my home network

Hello ,

iam new to VIRL .i would need some help on the setting up my VIRL to connect from L2 and L3 Instances to a laptop on my home network

Here is the basic configuration of my network ..

home network - /24
FLAT - - vlan 10 - promiscuous mode enabled
FLAT1 - - vlan 20 - promiscuous mode enabled
SNAT - - vlan 40 - promiscuous mode enabled
INT - - vlan 50 - promiscuous mode enabled

requirement - i would like to capture SNMP traffic from nodes in virl to the machine on my home network .
i would like to know if i need to add any routes on my home network or any thing on virl to get the traffic from nodes to SNMP server -



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