TASK 3.4 PE/CE Routing ( Thoughts )

Hello All,


I am writing this post to document what i learned from theis full scale lab in TASK 3.4 PE/CE Routing:


1. the task said to ensure that R9 ( SITE B ) can reach all the lopp backs of the routers in ( SITE A )

2. this implies that in SITE A mutual  redistributuion between BGP - EIGRP - OSPF should take place

3. FROM EIGRP to OSPF and vise versa , no potential loops can occure ( thanks to EIGRP lower distance for internal routes and higher distance of external routes)


4. THE FUN begins when redistributing BGP into EIGRP which results in control plane loop becuase of opsf distance of 110 lower that eigrp EXTERNAL which is 170 on R12 and R11 


5. here is where i spent almost 1:30 hour just trying to use the distance command in EIGRP to lower the distance of the routes generated bu R10  into EIGRP t obe less that OSPF ( 110 ) with no luck, but at the end it works, by making the distance of OSPF for R10 routes higher. but here id some thoughts about the distance command


A- UNDER EIGRP the command ; distance ( value ) ( access-list number ) WILL NOT WORK FOR EXTERNAL ROUTES

B- UNDER OSPF the same command can work only be specifying the Router ID of the originating router ( the ASBR in this case ) ,

    if you use as the source of the route THIS WILL NOT WORK 

although i spent much time on this but happy for the conclusion , also more excited that i learned from the solution guide that SUMMARIZATION is a good option which makes me feel like HAAAAAAAAAA.... OK!

i hope this would be helpfull for some people , i will keep posting what i have learned if INE admin would not mind :)


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