MPLS over DMVPN or 2547oDMVPN in Lab 3. CCIEv5 Blueprint or not?


Quick question.  Is MPLS over DMVPN/2547oDMVPN really in the v5 list or is it just implied and we need to know it?



  • Let me ask you something: if BGP and DMVPN are technologies in the blueprint of the lab exam, can you get BGP as the overlay/underlay routing protocol over a DMVPN deployment? 

  • Hi,

    Yes, it makes sense but isn't explicitly mentioned.  Next hop self all i.e. Unified MPLS!


  • I think it's implicit on the blueprint, since all sub-technologies involved are explicit covered. DMVPN yes, Phase II in this case yes, LDP yes, MP BGP, yes OSPF network types yes.

    I have to say Full Scale Lab 2 gave me lot of confidence on my learning but this LAB 3 was a punch in the face jajaja

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