QoS Policy CLI show output deciphered

Hi everyone, I need some clarification on the meaning of this output:

        Class-map: Video (match-any)
          21131898 packets, 17068283571 bytes
          5 minute offered rate 2979000 bps, drop rate 0000 bps
          Match: ip dscp cs5 (40)
          queue limit 66 packets
          (queue depth/total drops/no-buffer drops) 0/1650/0
          (pkts output/bytes output) 21130248/17067652883

1) how is the "queue limit XX packets" calculated if you do not manually set this value?

2) is "queue depth" always ZERO? any issues with manually defining the "depth" if there is a CLI for it?

3) what's the difference between "total drops" and "no-buffer drops"? Are they independent as far as what gets incremented in this output? I.e. is "no-buffer drops" counted in the counters for "total drops"?

4) will increasing the queue-limit mitigate "total drops" and/or "no-buffer drops"?

5) Most importantly, given that you have say a 100mbps circuit and using only say 10mbps max bandwidth for this Video class, if the Video traffic streams never go beyond 8mbps total, what would still cause this queue's "total drops"?


Regards and thanks for your comments.


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