Full Lab 1, Section 1.2

Hi there,

I've just sarted with the workbook but having difficulty with 1.2, after configuring each device I can't seem to ping router 4 from router 3.

Pinging router 2 from router one works without issue. Initally I was having difficulty with the diagram but found the physical topology here on the forum. I recabled the topology but 3 times I'v started fresh now I can't get it to work. I Have checked over and over aging and my configuration is exactly as the workbook states.. so is it my physical topology thats the issue ??




  • MartinlMartinl ✭✭✭

    maybe it's too soon for ping test; u are in section 1 which usually is L2 stuff (don't have wb at the moment).  if those are L3 switches, u need routing before pinging.  I would keep going, do more sections like L3 routing unless task says do ping test now.


  • Hi Martinl, it does say to do ping tests in that section of the workbook? I have tried it on Boson 10 and on packet tracer and on both sims I can ping router 2 from router 1 but not router 4 from router 3. This leads me to believe that there may be an error in the workbook.


    I'm looking for somebody to go as far as section 1.2 and see if they are getting the same issues with the ping ? Its very hard for me to continue if the network is not working at this early stage??


  • MartinlMartinl ✭✭✭

    Sorry, I thought this is ccie rs lab.  check cdp, check trunks and vlans (probably vlans are missing or/and trunks); 

    since your pt works, compare pt to ine lab.

    there were some other posts about ccna wb, search this forum

  • Howdy!

              I completed the tasks yesterday, I will have to redo this lab so I have a better grasp of what is  really happening. I noticed that there are some inconsistencies between the topology/workbook and what is really going on. For example the spanning-tree election result was different in the rack I had (i.e.: 14) than what I was expecting to see according to the workbook.


    Regarding your problem: make sure you apply 'no ip routing' on R2/R3/R4 like the answer section specifies or else it will not ping. I'm not in front of the lab right now but if my memory is correct you want R2/R3/R4 to behave as host at this stage.



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