Source & Destination NAT in VRF Aware Manner For Shared Service Access


Hi Guys,


I am trying to get source and destination nat applied on a single packet in VRF aware scenario. I could only get either source or destination nat working at a time but not both together with different combinations. Looking for suggestions:


Topology -



Int f0/0

 ip nat outside


int f0/1 , f0/2

 ip nat inside


ip nat inside source static vrf RED

ip nat inside source static vrf BLUE

ip nat outside source static


ip route vrf RED f0/0 global

ip route vrf BLUE f0/0 global

ip route f0/1

ip route f0/2


With this config I could get Source translated but not destination.


  • You can't extend those VRFs up to Fa0/0 interface of the nat router?

    I believe it should work fine like this.

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