Bandwidth provisioning on NAT interfaces

Hi everyone,

     I deployed a solution to provide bandwidth for a server at my comany. The bandwidth reservation is done at the internet edge router facing the ISP. I also have a static NAT statement for the server; the same public IP address that is used for the server is also included in the NAT pool for Port Address Translation (PAT). My question is, how do I provision the reserved bandwidth for the server ALONE?

     Here's as far as I know:

     1. NAT takes place before QOS

     2. If I match the public IP address at the interface to apply a bandwidth reservation for that public IP, it will reserve the bandwidth for the server as well as other hosts that may be using that public IP address


server IP: (Private)

Public IP: (Public)


ip nat pool MYNAT netmask
ip nat inside source list MYHOSTS pool MYNAT overload [MYHOSTS is the list of my internal hosts - Not typed here] 

ip nat inside source static

ip access-list standard SERVER

class-map match-any SERVER-CLASS
   match access-group name SERVER

policy-map SERVER5MBPS
      priority 5000
   class class-default

interface f0/1
   ip address
   ip nat outside
   service-policy output SERVER5MBPS 

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