Next step in my studies?

I'm wondering if I'm on track for R&S and if my next step should
be a boot camp. I spent 2013 doing book studies. 2014 was spent
recovering from a severe accident. Earlier this year I spent several
months watching INE's advanced technologies videos. Most recently I've
spent a few months going through the advanced technolgies labs in INE's
workbook. Now I'm going through the advanced technolgies labs again. I
study about 4 hours almost every day.

I feel I have a solid
understanding of the basics but I still forget some details. For example
I might try to use a traditional route-map to set EIGRP SoO rather then
a site-map. In addition my speed needs improvement. Should I keep going
through the work book repeatedly? Is it time for a boot camp? Thanks in advance for your input.

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