collaboration endpoint with VCS



I have a simple question. if we decide to register a collaboration endpoint (EX90, for example) to the VCS (version x5.2) with H.323, we have 2 different options: using H.323 ID and E.164 number. in the older versions on the VCS (like what we have in our office: x5.2), there is no Configuration > Domains menu to define the H323 default domain on the VCS. so what we should write in the H323 ID field on the EX90 endpoint (resides in the Configuration > System Configuration > H323)? the document says that we can write any name (in the format "string" or "[email protected]"). if we decide to write a "string" in the mentioned field, will it work? otherwise, if we should write the ID in the "[email protected]" format, so where can we put the domain name on the VCS? 

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