CCIE home Lab

hello friends

i want to make ccie home lab and have few questions.

i am planning to use CSR 1000v routers

1: can i use Cisco catalyst 3750 v2 PoE, or cisco 3750 s PoE switches to setup home lab for CCIE R&S. these switches have 12.0 ios. can we upgrade ios 15 in these switches. 

and if it is possible what i have to do to upgrade . i mean licence how much it cost .








  • Hello Friends 

    i have two WS-3750E-24TS with 15.2  and one WS-3560G-24port with 15.2  and one WS-2960-48port with 15.2 . All four switch have 15.2 OS . my question is should i replace 3560 and 2960 with two 3750E for INE lab or i can get my lab work functionality with my current hardware. another question is , i have dell r610 server with two nic card do i still need 5th switch for brackout switch . because i am planning to use virtual router.









  • All four 3750 , 3560 and 2960 will support new v5 lab?


  • do i still need terminal server like Digi or cisco 2511. if i am going to use virtual router and physical switche.

    if yes how may ports requied 16 or 32port

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