Needs help to get my lab up and running "Advanced Technology Labs

Hi everyone,

I'm having a hard time to get my lab up and running.  I'm using GNS3 to do my lab. I've mock up Advanced Technology Labs With Addressing Diagram. Currently, i'm doing lab Routing to NBMA Interfaces


Configure R1 and R2 with IPv4 default routes through the DMVPN cloud with a next-hop of R5.
  • Ensure that the route is valid as long as the Tunnel interface is in the UP state.

  • Configure R5 with IPv4 static routes for R1’s and R2's Loopback0 prefixes through the DMPVN cloud.
  • Ensure that R1, R2, and R5 can all ping each other’s Loopback0 interfaces.


My question is, do I need to install initial configuration file before doing my lap?  At this point in my study, I have limited knowledge of DMVPN technology. 

In the Rack rental there is DMVPN cloud.  Can I use a switch or a hub to simulate a DMVPN cloud.

Thank you all in advance for your help.


  • I think before DMVPN you need connectivity between r1 to r5 on vlan 100 which is the underlay (169.254.100.x) . I'm not able to ping r5 (hub) to other spokes (r1,r2, r3, r4). I have tested out on GNS3 by shutdown all hub and spokes DMVPN tunnels. and I was able ping from hubs underlay ip address to other spokes underlay ip address.
    I think the cause of the issue is on the breakout switch.

  • Thanks for the help @Martinl. It works after I added the vlans. I was using GNS3 for Advanced Technologies Lab (first go around). As you know, not all lab commands are supported. Second ago around for Advanced Technologies Lab, I want to have the real cisco gear plus GNS3 does not have flash. Any how, again thanks for the help..

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