Default Routing Task:

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In what appeared to me as a possible solution to this task, on R6 I made interface gig1.146 a passive interface, I then configured "default-information originate on-passive"

Per the command reference: default-information originate "on-passive" option sends default routes only on RIP passive interfaces".

Initially it appeared to be working as advertised until I realized R7 was also getting the default directly from R6. The R6 interface facing R7 is Not configured as a passive-interface.

Is anyone familiar with how the "on-passive" option really work?


  • Per the behavior that's being exhibited, I believe the documentation is either misleading or just plain wrong...

    Snapshot of the 15.3M&T RIP command reference.


  • I think the wording in the documentation should be "Sends only a default
    route on RIP passive interfaces".  With "default-information originate
    on-passive" enabled only a default route is advertised out on interfaces set as passive.

    The documentation wording makes it seem that default routes would not get advertised out on non-passive interfaces.

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