CCIE RS Documentation Available During Lab?

I have read several posts that are from 2008 2010 and 2013 but nothing since v5 was announced. What documentation will be avaialbe during the lab? I thought Brian mentioned it in his CCIE RS videos but I went back and could not find that comment. 

Is it limited to this:




I am just wanting to familerzie myself with configuration guides, reference guides, command guides etc...but not waste time on guides I will not have access to. 


  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    It is the same for v5.    Everything under Products .

    For a while, things seemed to be missing under IOS 15.x (compared to 12.4 of v4) .  So during my final studies of v5, I used the 15.5M&T links for router Reference Guides and Configure.

    Some things are found under 15s (service providor).  It think this was for fast-reroute subjects, but there may be other topics.

    For switches, I think I used  switches >> 3750-E/3750-X    >>  Reference Guides / Configure (example configurations).


    Luckily, I do not think I actually used the documentation in my last attempt, but I was prepared for most of the topics.  Knowing the documentation is a good way to reduce some anxiety, but only plan on using it for quick references.




  • To be very clear. The Technology section will be blocked. Only the "Product" section is available. 


    Also I agree not to focus on the documentation. I want to run through the docs to familarize myself where everything is at so its a quick 60 second diversion to find the command/configure steps sections. Just another tool in the tool belt.

  • In my experience, the documentation was almost useless. It was very slow to load, and they had the CSS stylesheets blocked so it all looked like a 1994 web page.

  • I experienced an issue with the documentation where the technology link would not open and timed out. The proctor took more than 20 minutes to get the documentation working but I was only give 10 additional minutes (max that you will get I think). So yes, you will get a link on your desktop that open "" and then you can naigate your way to the products -> IOS etc. In my case I was only able to open 15.3 and no other IOS version doc. 

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