v5 ATC Videos vs Bootcamp


Can anyone tell me the benefits of doing the bootcamp over the ATC videos (I know the videos should be donebefore the bootcamp)?

I am wodnering if the bootcamp is essentially the videos again, but you are just there, watching it live so to speak, or if there is more to get out of it?

For example, when I watch teh videos, I can pause, rewind, take notes, carry on, etc, but in a live bootcamp, i obviously can't do that, so, unless there is something special about the bootcamp, is there a benefit to it?

Any experiences, ideas, opinions would be appreciated.

Many thanks


  • tmanitotmanito ✭✭✭

    By reading a lot of bootcamp reviews most of them suggests taking one since it gives you 5-10 days of focus studies and the instructor can show you their approach in tackling the lab exam.



    Hope this helps!

    Timothy Q. Manito

  • Hi,

       Yes, bootcamp should ideally be your final step in the studying process. But DON'T make the mistake to book the lab date 5-10 days after the bootcamp, most chances are you'll relize that you're not yet ready. Most of the sudents in all of my classes felt that way. So come to bootcamp as prepared as you can be, and afterwards you'll better know how much more do you need to study, on which topics, and also what else do you need to work/improve, like strategy, time and stress management.



  • Thanks all

    This re-affirms what I am thinking. I feel quite strong in some areas, but other areas not so much as I havent done the practical workbooks and the labbing that I wanted to do so it will probably not benefit me as much as it would if I felt strong in all of it. Makes sense to feel capable in all to find out where your strengths andd weeknesses really are!


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