Studying with the new v5 Written and ATC videos



How do you guys suggest I'd use the new v5 Written videos when studying? These are fairly comprehensive now (30 hours) and I am not sure how to combine them with the ATC videos before doing labs for example. Brian recommends studying for the lab and taking the written a couple months before the lab, and I am unsure how to best combine both video courses.


Any ideas?



  • IMO, if I had to do it again, I would probably follow that advice.  Im still attempting the lab at the moment, but passed my written a year before attempting the lab the first time.  Most likely, and I can only guess, its so you cement the knowledge by experiencing it at the same time.  It depends on how you learn.

    The only danger with doing that is Cisco may update the written or the exam before you take it, and you will need to adjust.  For example, this July 2016 they are updating all tracks to include an "Evolving Technologies" section on the written, and 10% of the exam will be focused on conceptual topics such as NFV, SDN, etc.  

    Note that the lab hasnt changed, just the written.



  • Yeah, I am definitely following that advice, however my problem is the following:

    When looking at the content of the Written videos versus the ATC ones, they contain the same topics but far less content. The new written videos also contain demonstrations and such, so I am kind of wondering if I am wasting my time with the written videos and if I should just go through the ATC ones instead. I am at a loss as to how I should combine these two courses. In the past, the written course was much shorter and just contained review videos for each topic, whereas they now contain actual labs, demos and explanations of the topics.

    I am thinking that perhaps I should watch the written videso first, do some advanced technology labs from the workbook and then watch the ATC videos on that topic followed by more labbing...

  • I think Brian did a pretty good job on the Written videos, but several topics are missing.  Lets face it the blueprint is so massive there is no way Brian could have covered everything.

    My advice to you would be watch the written videos and take some notes.  Print up the CCIE blueprint and check off every topic as you master it.  Anything that your not sure about I would hit the ATC for that specific topics and possibly lab that stuff up.


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