Active reading + Q/A + Text-to-Speech

Hello All

After struggling several weeks reading books, RFCs, Cisco doc, watching INE videos and others, i found that the following method is very efficient to really learn all that content:

1. first pass: read chapters / watch video quickly to get a first idea of the structure and content.

2. deep pass: read/watch video carefully, taking note of every details. Notes are formulated as question/answer (q/a) for every single noteworthy matter. q/a should be brief and clear, well formed sentences with a carefull wording.

3. generate an epub of the q/a notes. One set of note (document) per topic (OSPF, EIGRP, BGP...)

4. listen to/repeat the q/a documents all the time using text-to-speech:

To have the screen read out loud to you, swipe down with two fingers from the top to the bottom.


-The apple echosystem is quite helpful for that learning method: 

-q/a notes written in MacOS Pages => iCloud => iOS Pages => ePub export => iBooks => text-to-speech.

-the speed of the text-to-speech reader can be set to a slower mode so it is easier to repeat actively while hearing/reading.

-Having a document layout with 1 q/a per side makes it handy to reward/forward with the prev/next controls of the text-to-speech when needed.

-One can also let the reader ask the question, hit pause to answer outloud, then play the written answer.

-There are few tweaks to make the spoken text sound nicer, for example the reader will pronounce much nicer if written 2/24/0/0/10, or using capital letter to have the reader spell acronyms.

Hope it helps or at least gives ideas to further develop your own efficient learning method.



PS: the question/answer technique was suggested by Petr Lapukhov in this inspiring post:

The question/answer technique his known to stimulate critical thinking and has sort of an history:


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