VIRL install help...stuck at Github step

Is there a more appropriate place I can ask questions about the install process. I am stuck on step 4 at the Githum install.


You must ensure that you have installed the appropriate Vagrant plugin, using the command:

  1. vagrant plugin install virtualbox or vagrant plugin install vagrant-vmware-appcatalyst

When I run this command on my Mac I get the following error

Installing the 'vagrant-vmware-appcatalyst' plugin. This can take a few minutes...

Bundler, the underlying system Vagrant uses to install plugins,

reported an error. The error is shown below. These errors are usually

caused by misconfigured plugin installations or transient network

issues. The error from Bundler is:


Could not verify the SSL certificate for

There is a chance you are experiencing a man-in-the-middle attack, but most likely your system doesn't have the CA certificates needed for verification. For information about OpenSSL certificates, see To connect without using SSL, edit your Gemfile sources and change 'https' to 'http'.


Warning: this Gemfile contains multiple primary sources. Using `source` more than once without a block is a security risk, and may result in installing unexpected gems. To resolve this warning, use a block to indicate which gems should come from the secondary source. To upgrade this warning to an error, run `bundle config disable_multisource true`.

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