Mock Labs

Hello Everybody !

I have booked my lab exam for June :)
And I wanted to know the possibility how to train after that, if maybe I fail ;)

I have done  some Cisco 360 Labs, The INE foundation, full scale and the2 Mock lab.

but in case to continue, and to don't give up, how can I find/buy MORE Mock Labs ???



  • i took the lab and tshoot is crazy

    you have very limited time so make sure you have speed on your side.


  • peetypeety ✭✭✭

    One of my classic thoughts is to go into the exam with the intention of carrying it out. In other words, memorize it as best as you can, brain dump it as soon as you can, then if you don't pass, go back and rework the lab until you score 100% on it. In other words, don't try a new lab until you've absolutely mastered a lab you've seen. I still have a voice memo from my last fail that describes the topology and question areas in <90 seconds. Have I shared it with anyone? Yes, but only people who are CCIEs.

    Obviously, mock labs are a great measuring tool, but I really think you should work on self-verification, as it makes taking the test easier.

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