IOS EzVPN Server Connectivity Problem


I’m trying
to achieve IKEv1 IOS EzVPN Server with Crypto Map and PSK with Client VPN being
installed in a Windows machine. The VPN client is connected successfully to the
server and both ISAKMP and IPsec SAs are already created.
The problem is that, when I try to Ping the server loopback that is specified
in the Split-tunneling ACL and stated as a secured route in the VPN Client and
also a static route back to the remote is already installed in the routing
table, I’m getting “Request time out” even though when I disconnect the VPN
connection I’m able to Ping this Loopback successfully. I noticed that the VPN
client statistics during my continual Ping is showing that Packets are getting
encrypted but NOT Decrypted. Could you please help…

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