CUCME phones forwarded to CUC Express

Hello everyone,


I have a problem with an scenario, I hope someone can help me with it.

I configured a SIP trunk on a CUCM with G.729 on the region. The dial-peer on CUCME has codec transparent configured and calls between phones registered to CUCM and phones registered to CUCME work fine.


The problem is when CUCME phones became forwarded to CUC express embedded module on the CUCME. I configure the dial-peer to access to CUC Express with G.711u codec and no VAD and, eventhough I configure transcoding resources on the CUCME, they don't get invoked.

As far as I know the XCOD resources to be used should be the ones on the CUCME and not the ones registered to CUCM (I already configured them but didn't solve the problem) , right?


I'm pretty sure it's a xcoding problem because if I changed the region on CUCM to G.711u both normal and forwarded calls work fine.

Am I missing anything? Thanks,


Best regards.


José Manuel.


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