95% Remote: Network Security Engineer--Full-Time


The Network Security Engineer (NSE) is
responsible for managing and maintaining network security systems. The
NSE will utilize an advanced expertise in network security to provide daily
support for multiple clients. 


  • Maintain network
    security systems including firewalls, VPN, ISE, and IDS/IPS solutions,
    with a focus on Cisco ASAs and associated FirePOWER services
  • Troubleshooting
    client network security incidents
  • Moves, Adds, Changes,
    and Deletions for client security requests
  • Maintain
    documentation applicable to network security systems, processes and
  • Monitor networking equipment and the health of the
  • Review and interpretation of security logs
  • Assist with ongoing
    compliance and development of security policies and procedures


  • Minimum of 2 years work experience with Cisco
    security solutions
  • Working knowledge of Cisco ISE
  • Working knowledge of Cisco FirePower services and
    related offerings
  • Detailed understanding of the TCP/IP protocols
  • Experience in security maintenance
    of network and security devices in a large enterprise environment (routers,
    switches, firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems)
  • A strong understanding of best network security
    practices at all layers of the OSI Model
  • Advanced knowledge of Cisco firewall
    and information security principles and practices
  • Excellent
    oral and written communication skills; ability to interact with internal
    and external stakeholders.
  • Must
    demonstrate strong analytical, reasoning and problem solving skills.
  • Ability to
    set priorities and adapt to changes in a quick, professional manner.
  • Ability to
    use discretion when handling confidential information.
  • Ability to effectively perform in a team environment
  • Excellent communications skills


Required: Cisco Certified
Network Associate (CCNA) – Security

Required: Cisco Certified
Network Professional (CCNP)


Preferred: Cisco Certified Internetwork
Expert (CCIE) – Security


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  • Network security comprises of the arrangements and practices received to anticipate and screen unapproved get, abuse, adjustment, or refusal of a network system and network open assets. Network security includes the approval of access to information in a system, which is controlled by the system manager. Clients pick or are allocated an ID and secret word or other confirming data that permits them access to data and projects inside their power. System security covers an assortment of network systems, both open and private, that are utilized as a part of ordinary occupations; directing exchanges and correspondences among organizations, government offices, and people. According to mentorship assignments, network can be private, for example, inside an organization, and others which may be available to free. System security is associated with associations, undertakings, and different kinds of organizations. It does as its title clarifies: It secures the network, and in addition ensuring and managing operations being finished. The most widely recognized and straightforward method for ensuring a network asset is by doling out it an interesting name and a relating secret key.

  • Network Security is the way toward taking physical and programming safeguard measures to shield the fundamental systems administration foundation from unapproved get to, abuse, breakdown, change, demolition, or uncalled for revelation, accordingly making a safe stage for PCs, clients and projects to play out their allowed basic capacities inside a safe situation.

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    The open idea of the Internet makes it indispensable for organizations to focus on the security of their systems. As organizations move a greater amount of their business capacities to general society arrange, they have to avoid p potential risk to guarantee that the information can't be endangered and that the information isn't available to any individual who isn't approved to see it.

  • System Security is the path toward taking physical and programming protection measures to shield the major frameworks organization establishment from unapproved get the chance to, misuse, breakdown, change, destruction, or uncalled for disclosure, likewise making a sheltered stage for PCs, customers and tasks to play out their permitted essential limits inside a sheltered circumstance. MacDonald Highlands

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    According to Be Quirkly there is no distinct response for this inquiry. It relies upon your degree of intrigue and capacity to ingest working security rehearses (and apply them viably to make sure about any framework).

    You can approach attempting to get ensured in this field; Look into:

    CCSP - Cisco Certified Security Professional

    CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional

    There are specializations still as a Network Security Engineer:

    Examine the GIAC Certifications: http://www.giac.org/confirmations/

    You can begin by thumping down one of the most essential confirmations:

    CompTIA Security+

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  • Network security is a significant part of the system organization. The article centers around the reason for network security, the sort of dangers that it faces, and the execution of a security methodology. best online business coaches

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