Random Hypervisor drops

Ok, here's a mystery. One of my hypervisors have been periodically closing, and so half of my routers closing. Whats strange is I use CPUMon to watch the CPU of both cores and RAM, and the CPU's run at 50 - 60% and the Ram at about 60% capacity. SO my initial thought of ram and cpu doesn't seem to jive. Anyone else experience this? I don't think i'm accidentally closing it.

UPDATE: happened again. about 2 hours continuing a saved lab. Hypervisor 7200 just disappeared, and Routers 1 - 6 that i had mapped to it went dead on my SecureCRT. THis seems to happen when I've been dynamip'ing for a few hours, good thing i save often.  But at the time no CPU/RAM hogging (about 60 - 70% this time). I was verifying full IGP connectivity


  • Switch to unix?

  • Luisgarcia,

    I am having similar problem like you. Yesterday night I was doing my Vol2, lab1, It was good upto OSPF then every 1-2 hours one of the Dynamips server was down. I am running Dynamips into two strong PCs. CPU run at 50-70 %, after the BGP it went upto 90-100%, after that I stoped 1-2 routers from both servers whenever I don't want to use.

    Most of them are recommending to change the OS but I am not familier with the other OS.

    How do you save VLAN database ?







  • I was having the same issue a few weeks back.

    i was running Dynamips on 3 sytems ... and one of the window automatically closes...

    i was using 0.8.3 dynagen....

    i upgrded the version to 0.11.0 and now everything is working fine.


    I am running almost everthing on almost 11 routerss... MPLS/BGP/OSPF/ISIS etc


    try upgrading ur version.

  • Hi there,

    If you still got the problem then please upgrade Dynagen  to version 0.11. Yesterday after the upgrade to version 0.11, my CPU stop closing the routers.

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