Why does a hardware conference bridge need a Device Pool

Can someone help me wrap my head around why a hardware conference bridge or transcoder is required to be configured in a Device Pool.

Following typical CCNP examples you have a Device Pool called CorpHQ_DP which has an MRGL of CorpHQ_MRGL, which contains an MRG of CorpHQ_MRG which contains (amongst other media resources) the conference bridge (let's call it CorpHQ_IOS_CFB).

So why do I need to add the CorpHQ_IOS_CFB to the CorpHQ_DP Device Pool when it's created. Why not just add it to the Device Pool through the use of the MRGL under the Device Pool settings. It's like I am adding the CFB bridge to itself.

Is this just something that is done in lab scenarios and in real world scenarios you add the CFB's to their own device pools that don't contain MRGLs which contain the CFB's themselves?


  • Really i don't understand what do you said, but the Conference Bridge can't put directly into DP, you need create some MRG--- MRGL and put this into the DP.

    And you need put this to DP to invoke media resource group when it's needed 

  • You're right, you don't understand. I'm very well aware that you can't put a CB directly into a DP. If you look under the Conference Bridge Information (Media Resources | Conference Bridge) you will notice that a Device Pool is a required field. My question is why? Why is a conference bridge (or a transcoder) required to be assogned a device pool, what does that accomplish?

  • Basically, Device Pools ease configuration. CUCM is not designed  for just a few phones. You have a -pool- of users with similar needs. You lump them together and configure the whole group.

  • Again, I understand the concepts I'm a CCVP so please provide examples or solid reasoning as to why, specifically a conference bridge requires a Device Pool. A phone makes sense, it inherits date/time, SLRG, AAR CSS, MRGL (ironically), etc. but what does a conference bridge inherit from a device pool that it needs?

  • Ok i think you refer the Conference Bridge under DP, you need that only for Region Codec reason, it's like another phone to what codec to used?

    it's make sense for you?

  • Conference Bridge >> DP = it's for what codec to talk with phone to invoke him , on CUCM IP Voice Media Stream this only support G711

    But the good reason is when you have IOS Conference Bridge, with this you can talk other region but by flexibility this field is here

    DP >>>> MRGL  = It's to invoke any media resource when you need to used that.

  • Unless you're using application cube with lti, it's just a dumb sccp device and needs callmanager group from the device pool. Location/Region as well as others pointed out.

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