CCIE Security Practice Labs WorkBook + Rack Rental


After a comprehensive study on CCIE security lab exam, I think it will be good to simulate lab exams with INE reources prior to taking the real exam. I check the and there are different kinds of resources available and I think the best combination for me is to have the practice lab workbook and rack rentals. However I have some questions.

1) How many practice labs are included in the workbook?

2) Are the solutions included in the workbook as well?

3) Is it possible to load initial configs for different practice labs automatically on the rental racks or do I have to enter initial configs manually?

4) Can I print the workbook or is it just available online?

5) Or do you have any alternative recommendations for me to simulate real lab exam environment?


Thank you for your answers



  • Hi,

      1. There are 5 practice labs, the difficulty level is higher than the exam itself, if you pass (80% of points) those within 8 hours, you should be in good shape for the exam, from technical point of view.

      2. Solutions are included.

      3. Initial configs for each of the practice labs can be loaded from the rack rental control panel.

      4. Labs are only available online, but this is how you should practice it, as this is what you get in the lab as well, there are no printed copies; you need to get used to do a full-scale/practice lab online, otherwise you'll find it very frustrating in the lab exam.

      5. I cannot comment on that.




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