Bootcamp Worth the Investment

Has anyone else taken a CCIE boot camp, in particular with INE and the security track?  Almost a year ago I bought the CCIE Security video series and workbooks from INE and have been studying at a slower, but steady pace.

Lately I've been ramping up my study habits for my written exam in a couple months, and I plan to take my first (and hopefully only) lab attempt in the 4th quarter this year (after even heavier hours).

I don't know that my employer will back the purchase of a boot camp, so for me it may end up being completely out of pocket.  When I look at dollar figures, INE is more costsly than companies like iPexpert and Micronics.  Is there real justification in investing towards the INE camps over one of the others?  Is it really worth investing in the boot camp, or I really know the workbook material inside and out, is that adequate?

One way I look at it is I've already invested into INE, and I'm familiar with the methodologies of teaching.  I'm not so certain on some of the alternatives.

Any suggestions are welcome...

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